The Imports and Exports Activities of Xuan Xuan

Xuan Xuan Joint Stock Company has been established and developed in manufacturing and distributing sesame products more than 10 years. Starting as a small factory with manual process, we have step by step built the brand of “Xuan Xuan Sesame” (“Vừng Xuân Xuân”) in the market with application of modern machines/equipments in production, automatical production lines and new hulling technology. Especially that whole process from raw material to finished products are following the strict hygiene standards to ensure the “clean” sesame seeds (free from chemical residue) are delivered to the consumers.

Every year, we provide up to 2,500 – 3,000 tons of various kind of sesame products to Vietnam market, especially to North part of Vietnam, such as: hulled sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, yellow sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, etc with origin of Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.

In addition, we are also trading other commodities including but not limited to soybean (GMO, non-GMO, roasted soybean, peanuts, green mung bean, noodles, vermicelli, starch (potato starch, pea starch, sweet potato starch), rice, brown rice, etc.

Aiming to the international market, we continue improving the quality of products to be adapted to international standards and welcome any opportunity to co-operate with oversea partners and suppliers.

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